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Herman Jungerhans - Our Franchise Director is an accomplished franchise business consultant with over 20 years’ experience. An advisor for a number of well-established companies to head up projects.  Full Involvement from concept to launch and on occasion flotation. International experience and a proven track record in growing businesses and franchising companies. Analysis of external/internal company functions, KPIs, people development, succession planning and ensuring best practices are adhered to, bringing business to business.
Some of the accomplishments to mention a few:

  • Piloted schemes 6 months for the Game Group PLC, £560k on the bottom line. 
  • Introduced Bullion trading for 2,000 businesses for NCA America. Doubled UK turnover during time period. Project completed in 8 months.
  • Introduced CC Ltd to Bullion trading. B2B project completed in 1 year. £750k net on the bottom line. 
  • Compiled written and completed Legalities and legislation the franchise contract document for Shokk Ltd in compliance with the American Californian State Dept.
  • Consultation for a prestigious televised Harley Street Clinic.
  • Turnarounds of various small businesses during the course.
  • Head hunted for the position of Head of Bullion for the Royal Mint to which he rejected 

A Simple Franchise Model. The Fast Way To Grow.

A Simple Franchise Model. The Fast Way To Grow.

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