Volunteering Activities

''Giving is not just about a donation, it's about making a change''

At Avenue we believe there is a lot more behind everything we do. We believe our legacy is a lot more than the businesses we build. We believe in Fair Trade, Green, renewable energy and helping the less fortunate. 

We get involved with many charity activities, including helping our Orphanage based in Ngong Hills, Nairobi area in Kenya. 

The aim of the Childcare project in Kenya is to provide much-needed assistance in childcare centres in Kenya which can host between 15 and 100 children at any one time. Due to the high incidences of illness and poverty in Kenya, the centres are always busy and there is a high demand for volunteer assistance. We have been helping out with the day-to-day operations of a range of pre-schools, baby day care centres and children’s homes, some of which house and foster abandoned and orphaned children. Each centre accommodates children of differing ages, however we typically work with children between the ages of 1 and 16 years-old. Some orphanages also have schools attached to them and we have been required to assist teachers with the early childhood classes. We have been required to teach the children basic English and Maths, and assist with the general running of the orphanage and daily chores, such as cooking, cleaning, helping with farm work, caring for children and babies, and assisting with feeding programs. 

The orphanage relies purely on donations, and we have committed to support them as much as possible. Not only with monetary donation but also spreading the word, empowering people and actively taking part in day-to-day running of the orphanage. 

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Thank you for caring.