''Chasing profits and building a long-term profit model are two different things.''

 Management Consulting Company, specialising in the hospitality industry. 

We go by the below values:

Trust, Integrity, Transparency, Quality and Delivery.

Our mission is to provide added value to the industry, creating a culture of genuine hospitality, whilst sharing our extensive knowledge, believes and expertise with business owners, managers, and operators. We go by Motto: ''British Hospitality with a Global Vision'' - describing our company's international expansion ambitions, providing services to businesses all around the world, helping our clients expand globally or help foreign businesses set up successfully in the UK. 

Our consultants have worked in different parts of the world, stretching from North America, Europe, the UK, Middle, and the Far East with all sorts of industry backgrounds: fast-paced restaurants, fine dining environment, coffee shops, hotels, nightclubs, cocktail bars, pubs, international franchise operations, events - we consult businesses of all sizes:
-helping out startups, supporting them throughout all aspects of the new opening cycle, from an idea in a notebook, drafting a business plan, finding the right location, helping with the design, menu development, branding, recruitment, training, pre-opening and post-opening support.
-Single Operations
-Multi-Unit Sites
-Master Franchisors
-International Brands 

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We specialise in bringing International Businesses into the UK, ensuring in a smooth transition, helping our clients raise investment, find the right locations, franchisees whilst introducing all  the necessary contractors as well as legal firms. We prefer to establish a long term relationship with businesses, seeing Avenue, our clients and partners grow in numbers together.