Avenue Hospitality is a consulting firm with HQ in London, operating internationally. We specialise in helping new and existing business in the hospitality sector to grow. Our motto is “British hospitality with a global vision.”

Our Story

Founded in 2017 as a result of several adverse experiences in the hospitality sector, the founders recognised the need and duty to do something to bring back the pride in being a restaurateur.

Advocating service excellence, yet doing it at a level that could have global impact and in time make a real difference, setting up a consulting business seemed to be the best approach.

Because of our approach as well as our niche in the sector, we quickly attracted like-minded experts in the business and experienced quite rapid growth. In early 2018 Avenue established its presence in Dubai, being represented by a number of local experts, and in 2019 we landed in Hong Kong and mainland China as a result of successful negotiations with local established and successful operators.

We may be a young company, yet we already have an impressive portfolio of brands which we have helped to date.

In 2020, our aim is to strengthen our position on the existing markets as well as widen our operations to North America.

“We aim to become a hallmark of excellence in hospitality management consulting.”

Our Vision

To become a global platform for like-minded hospitality management consulting practitioners to whom we provide the necessary support for setting the highest standards of consulting services in the industry thus creating a culture of genuine hospitality allowing all ethical businesses and individuals to achieve a global success as well as providing an alternative career path to the best multi-skilled managers and leaders the world has to offer.

Our Mission

Collectively improve the hospitality industry for the better by raising service standards and fostering operational excellence. Through implementation of smart solutions, we promote environmentally friendly operations and socially responsible, ethical business models in the industry.

Our Beliefs

We know how competitive the hospitality industry is, and that being ethical doesn’t always come cheap, but for us, hospitality is passion, not just business. We can’t do business and not have some awareness of the damage it can do if not done right.

We have researched ways to utilise supply chains, stock management, waste management, and operations solutions that can have a positive impact on the environment and yet be cost effective. We believe this gives the brands we work with a competitive edge on their competitors and looks to the needs of the 21st century.

The Partners

It may be apparent by now, that we are interested in long-term relationships with the brands we work with and being part of their continuing success.

We like to be there at the very beginning of the journey, allowing us to utilise the solutions that we believe can make a difference to your business, helping you in the future to overcome any challenges you may face in the ever changing world of business.

The Doctors

In terms of the operational support to existing operators, we can add value by auditing your business and identify any performance weak spots with an improvement plan.

We know that over time everything gets a little tired, the focus gets blurred and owners can develop a tunnel vision, not seeing new opportunities as well as not recognising the insufficiencies in their operation.

At Avenue we pride ourselves in being able to develop a clear action plan – helping hospitality operators to not only save money but to reverse the course of their business and encourage growth.